Ballroom Philadelphia Group and Practice Session Schedule

Attention all Students: If you plan on attending a group class, you MUST email us @ the day of the class. If there is no one registered for a group class by 4pm, it will be cancelled.

These Group Classes are mixed-level classes where we cover 2 dances. We adjust the content of the class based on the skill level of students in attendance. $15/student/class. To register for a group class, you MUST email us at

During Practice Sessions, we dim the lights, play a variety of music and invite our students to practice what they've learned in Private Lessons and Group Classes. There is no formal instruction per se, but we are there to help. $15/student/session. For those on the New Student Special, a Practice Session can be attended in lieu of a Group Class.

First time, taking lessons with us? The New Student Special is highly recommended.