Dance Tips and Etiquette

  1. Mess up a lot. Nobody gets this stuff on the first try and everybody makes big mistakes in the beginning. The more willing you are to make mistakes, the faster you will learn.

  2. Dance with as many different people as you can. Your dancing will improve at a much quicker pace if you dance with many different partners. Plus, you'll make a bunch of new friends.

  3. Be nice. Look nice. Smell nice. Dress nice. Act nice - especially to your partner. Some couples like to argue - please don't - it makes it weird for the rest of us.

  4. Be okay with being nervous and out of your comfort zone. When I first started taking lessons, I was nervous and sweaty - and then I got more nervous and sweaty about appearing nervous and sweaty. Allow yourself to be nervous and sweaty. It's normal, almost everyone else in the room has been or is currently nervous and sweaty.

  5. No "giving pointers" to your partner. Though your intentions may be good, it makes some people feel more self-conscious - like they're not doing well - and it disrupts the flow of the class.

  6. Clean Shoes Please. There are many barefoot dance classes also held in our space. Street shoes tend to track in small bits of rock and glass. If possible, bring a second pair of clean shoes.

  7. Please check the calendar before attending class. Though rare, class times are subject to change.