The New Student Special

For many people, the thought of dance lessons can be intimidating and stressful. At best, you're thinking that it'll be fun, but you'll mess up a bunch. At worst, you're afraid of being embarrassed and having it clearly pointed out that you really just can't dance. This was my personal experience when I first started dancing, anyway.

If this sounds at all familiar, the New Student Special may be what you're looking for. It's the best option to jump start your dancing as quickly and painlessly as possible. It is taught in a low-pressure, non-intimidating environment by a teacher who specializes in working with people with "two-left feet".

  • Learn how to not look awkward on the dance floor.
  • Learn how NOT to step on your partner's feet.
  • Feel comfortable - you'll be much less nervous or intimidated about taking lessons.
  • Be able to do basic steps in 2-4 Dances - to both Slow and Fast Music or,
  • If you're preparing for a wedding, be able to dance to your song.


Learn up to 10 different dances - Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, ChaCha, Rumba, Swing, Mambo, Hustle, Samba, and Viennese Waltz.

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28 Years of Pro Experience
From teaching at Penn to performing in Europe, Brandi and Vuthy Ou can get you dancing faster than you think.

The New Student Special

(1) 40-minute private lesson
(2) 40-minute group classes

$39 - flat rate for singles or couples


1 Private Lesson

We highly recommend that you take your private lesson before taking any group classes. There may be other students sharing the space and the music - as there are at all dance studios - but you will have your own instructor. We'll cover the basics and if you're preparing for a Wedding or Special Event, bring your song and a video camera and we'll get your first dance choreographed. Schedule your lesson ASAP because we tend to be booked up 2 or 3 weeks in advance.

2 Group Classes

At the moment, group classes are on most Fridays at 8:30pm. Two dances are covered in each class and we rotate partners to help develop stronger following and leading skills. We highly recommend taking your private lesson first. When you're ready to register for group classes, go here.



Frequently Asked Questions

I have a partner, does the price of the New Student Special double to $78?
No, the New Student Special is exactly the same price for singles or couples. Couples do NOT need to purchase two.

What shoes or clothing should I wear?
As long as you avoid sandals and the soles of your shoes are clean, you should be okay. Clothing-wise, some of our students dance in their work clothes, others dance in sweats - wear what's comfortable for you.

How about parking?
There is usually on-street parking available within a few blocks of the studio. But if you're unfamiliar with the area, allot extra time to find parking.

Is there anything else I should know about?
It may be helpful to read our Policy Page and Dance Etiquette Page.

I have other questions.
If your question isn't answered anywhere else on the site, email us at