55 year old man, bum knees, limited time and married 20+ years - dancing, REALLY!?!?! I agreed to give it a go but informed my wife that my conditions were that it couldn’t cost a fortune, the instructors couldn’t be cheesy [idiots] from the 1960′s and the studio needed to be accessible and a decent space for dancing.

BINGO!!!! My wife hit a home run when she found Ballroom Philadelphia. Brandi and Vuthy are incredible; experts in dance, funny, patient and especially skilled in the art of communicating complex moves in a simple way.

It’s been a little over two months and I’m hooked. As a martial artist for 30 years, I never envisioned myself gliding across a dance floor but it’s a blast. (And no, I am not related to either of them or being compensated for this review - LOL.) Brandi and Vuthy make it easy to test the waters and then decide - no pressure at all.

The final bonus is the mix of really great people that you get to meet in class each week. Everyone has a good attitude and feed off the energy that Brandi and Vuthy bring to the lesson.
— Richard D.
I’ve always wanted to learn ballroom dancing. I heard about Ballroom Philadelphia through Groupon and when I saw the reviews from happy customers, I was sold.

Brandi and Vuthy are awesome. They not only know the dance, but they’re great at TEACHING also. That’s the most important thing for beginners, I think.

We’ve been to 3 classes so far. At the very first class (Intro), Vuthy taught us the basics of ballroom dancing — the class was accessible and lots of fun. He told jokes & has a manner that puts people at ease. Next we went to a Beginner class taught by Brandi. She was great — she taught a lot in that class, and did it very clearly, giving special attention to steps that were tricky. I like how Brandi organized the class; she taught the trickier step first so that whoever had it (leaders or followers) would have extra time to practice.

Classes are energizing. They make me want to practice more because it’s so much fun! After class once, I wanted to tango down the sidewalk instead of walking. (Un)fortunately, partner was not on board with the idea.

Definitely worth a try if you’re interested in ballroom dance. Don’t worry if you’re nervous, as they’ll make it comfortable for you. I feel like I’ve already learned a lot in 3 classes and I’m excited about going to more!
— Shereen C.
Fantastic experience! My fiancee and I had no ballroom dance experience and within a month are wowing our friends at weddings and social gatherings. We started with a Groupon and we are now enrolled in the Bronze level programs. We also shopped around at Society Hill Dance Academy and the Academy of Social Dance and found the price and overall experience much better at Ballroom Philadelphia. Definitely give them a shot! They are located in South Philly right next to Pat and Geno’s so you can pick up a cheesesteak after class!
— Chad E.
I was introduced to ‘Ballroom Philadelphia’ through a groupon and really love it. I dragged my husband to the first one and we both had such a great time, we were practicing at home all week. The instructors make everyone feel at ease, have fun and don’t themselves too seriously. Its very welcoming to everyone, all types of couples and singles as well. We brought friends back the next time and they also had a great time and lots of laughs. The classes are short, the instructors really know their craft and are very good at explaining steps and showing you just enough to get it and have a little fun with it. The class zips by. I think they recently opened up the south philly spot at the Chi movement arts center.
— Sonia H.
We gave it two thumbs up and a snap :-) .
— Anonymous Living Social Student
Katie and I were excited coming into taking the classes for our wedding, and not sure what to expect. V was awesome, he is very personalble, and easy to learn from. The best part was his sense of humor making your feel more comfortable. It was a great experience and would recommend these classes to anyone.
— Brian & Katie
This is our second living social coupon for dance classes. We did our first set at the Academy of Social Dance. They were great, but we think Ballroom Philly might be even better for beginners. A bit more relaxed and more room to work in. The dance party is sometimes small enough that you can get one-on-one attention!
— Anonymous Living Social Student
Brandi choreographed a beautiful dance for my husband and my wedding reception 6 years ago that got a standing ovation! She was patient and encouraged us the entire time we were learning the dance which we needed as beginner dancers.
— Trish M.
Really enjoyed the class and am looking forward to coming back. Thank you for a great experience!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
A lot of fun and the teachers and people are very friendly. Wonderful experience.
— Anonymous Living Social Student
My first class was a great experience. Our teacher was fun, helpful and made me look forward to returning.
— Anonymous Groupon Student
I have taken lessons with both Brandi and Vuthy since 2005 and there’s a reason I have kept coming back for more. Their explanations are clear, their lessons are well planned, they create the most welcoming atmosphere, and I entrust both of them with my dancing.
— Jana V.
Taking dance lessons from Brandi and Vuthy was the best dance experience I’ve ever had. I danced elsewhere for several years, but it wasn’t until I started taking lessons with Brandi and Vuthy that I really found my passion for dance and learned more than ever before.
— Chelsea F.
I took lessons from the Ous and through them developed a love for all types of dance. They are dedicated instructors who make each student feel special. They are quality instructors in moves and technique. Above all... they make dance FUN!
— Carolyn W.
I have taken lessons and eventually worked with/for Vuthy and Brandi they are excellent instructors. Highly recommended. Their teaching style is excellent and simple to understand. A little effort practice and you will be well on your way from two left feet to two-steppin’ and stealing the floor in the clubs. I would recommend to anyone to go take some lessons and learn a new art in life not to mention (for all you single guys - the ladies love latin and guy that can dance and show them how)
— Zach B.
Beautiful space, fabulous patient and kind instructor. And so much fun too! Highly recommended.
— Groupon Student
Professional and fun. Good space, great staff. Can’t wait to go back.
— Anonymous Living Social Student
Great job, keep it up!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
We loved our first class, and we’re looking forward to our next three!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
When I’m out on the dance floor, I generally look about as graceful as Jack Lemmon in heels (think “Some Like It Hot”). So when I first came across a Groupon deal for for Ballroom Philadelphia, I thought maybe - just maybe - with lessons, I could at least graduate to Tony Curtis.

Fast-forward to the intro class. Not only were the instructors friendly and patient (not to mention quite funny...I was pretty well sold the minute they used a “Lord of the Rings” reference to further illustrate a technique), but by the end of class I was having so much fun I found myself aiming for full-throttle Ginger Rogers.

Now that I’m coming to the point in time when the Groupon deal is about to run out, I’ve started thinking about private lessons. And I’ll admit it, I spent a bit of time shopping around to make sure I’d be getting the best deal. Turns out, Ballroom Philadelphia also has the most reasonable price. And they were the only instructors I’ve worked with who DIDN’T try to fast-talk me into a more expensive program.

All around, I’d say it’s the best place to get dance classes in Philly.
— Erica M.
I bought a coupon for a 12-lesson package through Living Social or Groupon, because I’d had lessons years ago and wanted to brush up my skills and meet people. Even if you’re a beginner, Vuthy and Brandi are friendly, knowledgeable and extremely patient. Bring a sense of humor and comfortable shoes and you’ll have a lot of fun AND learn a lot in just 40 minutes a lesson!
— Alex B.
My husband and I just had our first class last week, and we loved it! We have the Groupon deal and gladly traded some of our 12 classes for the progressive bronze program.
— J. A. T.
We are getting married in a short while and decided we’d jump on the bandwagon of taking ballroom classes. We first tried out classes at another dance studio in Rittenhouse. Those classes were fun, but to continue the program would have been extremely expensive and the vibe was a bit more hard core than we were looking for. Then a Living Social coupon came along for Ballroom Philly and we decided we’d try out another studio. WE LOVED IT! Vuthy taught our first class and Brandi taught our second class. Both of them are excellent instructors. The way they break down the steps in plain English was enormously helpful. We had been struggling with our turns and spins from the last round of lessons at the other place, but it all really fell into place when Vuthy and Brandi explained it to us. We were thrilled. We definitely plan to keep up the lessons after the wedding and enroll in one of the bronze programs. They are very reasonably priced and there are lots of other interesting things happening at the CHI Movement Arts Center that you can try out too (like hip hop!). The vibe at their studio for beginners is definitely about having fun and building confidence through practice - not being perfect. And that vibe works really well for us. You can drop in during any of the classes or for a dance party for a small fee to check it out. We recommend that you do.
— Jes K.
We came across this through a living social deal....decided to revive our dancing souls (and soles!). We really enjoyed it!! A wonderful studio and the instructors are friendly and put you at ease straight away. Lots of interesting couples to meet and learn from! Had a wonderful time and will definitely recommend to others too!
— Chantara L.
Instructor was awesomely patient !!!
— Anonymous Living Social Student
Great teachers!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
Awesome time!! The instructors are great and make dancing easy and fun!!!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
I thought that the class was extremely fun, low pressure and approachable! I felt that any level of dancer could jump in and truly feel comfortable.
— Rance
great value! great teachers!
— Anonymous Groupon Student
I had the opportunity to be in Vuthy and Brandi’s ballroom classes while I was at Indiana University. Unfortunately for us, they only stayed there a year. I’d strongly recommend them as dance teachers because:

They are very experienced teachers that understand how to approach different levels of dancers differently; so as a beginner you wouldn’t feel intimidated, and as a more advance dancer, they can give you a face-paced workout as well.

They are very kind and generous. If you don’t get something quickly, they’d take the time to really make sure you understand, and they’d never hesitate to stay over or give you extra help if they have the time and energy.
They are a very good looking couple (yes, that doesn’t really have anything to do with dancing)

They were the best ballroom teachers I’ve had, and I’m sure they will be for you as well if you take lessons from them.
— Stephen L.
Best dance investment I’ve ever made! Brandi and Vuthy are top-notch instructors who continuously hone their craft and cater their teaching to each individual, whether they’re a novice/newbie or a more seasoned dancer. I appreciated their ability to challenge me and motivate me as I progressed in my skill.
— Soraya S.
What a wonderful time I had taking private from Vuthy. His knowledge and natural ability was very refreshing, along with his wicked sense of humor.
— Carolyn M.
Fantastic teacher and facility! Loved every part of it. Definately recommend it and going back fo more!
— Groupon Student
We took four or five dance lessons to prepare for our wedding, and we couldn’t have asked for more. Both Brandi and Vuthy were wonderful to work with, did an excellent job of not snickering at our poor dance skills, and whipped us into great rumba shape by the time of our wedding... and the entire time we had a blast. People were very surprised at the wedding, and we have them to thank for it. Really, we couldn’t have asked for more.
— David G.